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Topical Hormone Treatment
E3/P4 saves Skin
E3/P4 has powerful skin protective effects. A study published in the journal of Surgical Research demonstrates that topically applied E3/P4 protects the skin's delicate blood vessels. Researchers found that if E3/P4 was applied after a serious burn, the blood vessels underlying the burned area were protected. Protecting the blood vessels saves the skin. Skin and blood vessels that would otherwise die and peel off can be saved by E3/P4. No one knows for sure how E3/P4 saves skin this way, but its anti-inflammatory action no doubt has something to do with it. E3/P4 prevents destructive white blood cells and their biochemical cousins from gearing up. In particular, E3/P4 affects the blood vessel killer known as tumor necrosis factor (TNF). At the same time. It's inhibiting the destructive process. It appears to be prolonging the healing process: E3/P4 causes edema(swelling) to last longer. This apparently helps save tissue.

Estrogen's skin-enhancing effects are well-known. It provokes collagen and a moisture factor known as hyaluronic acid. Aging decreases both estrogen and collagen. Not surprisingly, women who take synthetic estrogen have scientifically proven thicker skin.

Studies show that E3/P4 is absorbed by skin when applied topically. A study from CHUL Research center (in Canada) shows that the skin activity of E3/P4 applied topically is 85 to 90% greater than when taken orally (at least in rodents). No special carriers are needed to get E3/P4 into skin. A properly formulated topical preparation of E3/P4 will contain just enough hormone to benefit skin without providing enough to escape into circulation. It makes sense to apply the hormones directly to the skin if skin protection is the goal, since ingested hormones may end up everywhere but the skin. Concomitant application of Dr. Andy's Biotechnology Antioxidant Eye Cream will give miraculous effect in eye area skin rejuvenation.
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