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Advanced Topical Antioxidants
Advanced Topical Antioxidants
Skin care has become an integral part of total patient care. Dr. Andy has well-qualified medical aestheticians available at his practice for education in skincare and follow-up services. Besides using medical skincare programs developed by him, he has also added Advanced Topical Antioxidants to these programs.

The reasons are as follows:
The critical role of ultraviolet ray radiation has long been known in photo aging of the skin and development of skin cancer. Among these, UVA can travel through the sky, the clouds, through glass, and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Oxygen-free radicals, being formed after stimulation by UVA, can mutate the cells, and therefore destroying collagen, elastin, proteoglycans, and all the cells that give the skin its' firm and plump textures, as well as elasticity.
Vitamin C,E are strong antioxidants. It is a major natural aqueous-phase protectant that fights against reactive oxygen, which causes most damage to the skin. If the skin is deprived of antioxidants, photoaging will accelerate due to the ongoing destruction of the dermal and epidermal connective tissues. photo aging is then manifested as wrinkles, freckles and dark blotches, causing a leathery texture, and a loss of elasticity of the skin. Oral intake of Vitamin-C does not help the skin, as only less than 3% of the vitamin actually reaches the skin after the liver metabolizes it Dr.Andy's formulas. penetrate through the skin to provide adequate antioxidant protection and providing resistance to washing and rubbing off.

It has been proven that the vitamins have a positive effect on healing inflammations that is often associated with sunburn. Beyond its photo protective nature, L-ascorbic acid have proven useful in the production of collagen synthesis. Studies have also demonstrated its usefulness in the reduction of inflammations caused by wounds. When used postoperatively, it decreases erythema in post-laser and complicated cases (See pictures).

Vitamins are valuable antioxidant and a protectant against photodamage that is created by sunlight. Oral supplementation may also be useful, however, topical preparations are able to deliver a higher, concentrated dosage to needed areas.
Burnt resulting from laser treatment on an Oriental woman: significant effects of Dr.Andy's Antioxidant Formulas can be observed.

Before application

One Week after application

Before application
one week after
Two weeks after
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