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Multi-Disciplinary Headache and Neck Pain Management
Injections for Pain also ease Wrinkles
Imagine getting relief from your headaches.
Now imagine looking younger in the process.
That is no fantasy, according to Dr. Andy, who makes both happen.

Dr. Andy, a specialist in Anti-Aging Medicine/Surgery, uses injectable Botox to treat headaches, neck pain and back pain. Although Botox has gotten horrible headlines lately, its application has many uses never discussed in those stories. Botox is a neuromodulator, which has the power to temporarily paralyze the muscles under the skin. It has been used to ease the furrows and frown lines on the forehead and around the eyes. Done correctly, this procedure leads to natural looking, younger features.

Botulinum toxin was discovered in 1949. The research team of Dr. Burgen was the first to determine that this molecule was capable of blocking nerve transmission between a nerve and its muscle. It has been used by plastic surgeons since the early 90s as a cosmetic procedure to make the face look younger and smoother. It has also been used to treat headaches for about six to seven years. Dr. Andy believes he is the only doctor doing both in Japan.

Small doses of Botox are injected into a muscle at the site of pain or pathology (head and neck pain ). The neuromodulator temporarily blocks the production of a chemical transmitter called acetylcholine, which is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses between the nerve and the muscle. This blockade permits the relaxation of the muscle injected and diminishes the transmission of pain signals. Injection is done into the forehead, temples, neck or head, depending on the type, severity and the location of the headache the patient experiences. Dr. Andy says there is some overlapping between the two applications; for headaches and cosmetic purposes, because when we do headaches we typically do the forehead but not usually the crow` s feet. But if the patient requests crow feet treatment at the same time, this can be done also.

Most of Dr. Andy’sheadache clients are patients suffering from migraine, tension-type headaches, cervico-genic headaches, or post-traumatic headaches, or whiplash neck pain. Patients with back and muscle pain caused by spasm also benefit from this treatment. Contraindications for the treatment are patients who are pregnant or lactating, and patients with neurological conditions that cause paralysis or muscle weakness. .

Botox treatment takes several days for results to become noticeable. Patients will notice a decrease in the frequency and severity of headaches and migraine over a 3 to 5 month period, after which time, the treatment can be repeated if needed. It is unknown at this time if the therapeutic benefits are cumulative with time. Patients usually experience within 2 weeks and may choose to discontinue use of other prophylactic medications. There are a few side effects associated with this treatment. There is a risk that it will have no effect. A slight discomfort may be experienced by the injection and bruising may occur at the site of injection. Muscle response near the eyes and shoulders may be temporarily but slightly affected. Effects of the medication are reversible.

Rigorous scientific results of clinical studies using Botox in the treatment of migraines and headaches have been conducted in Europe, South Africa, United States and Canada. Results have been encouraging. Botox can alleviate severe tension headaches, whiplash and neck pain, and reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines. All study participants have noted a diminished frequency, intensity and duration of headaches and migraines.

Because of the debilitating nature of migraine headaches, and of the disabling power of the primary headache in general, treatment of patients with these disorders often poses an enormous challenge. Treatment of this ailment falls into two major categories. One is to administer acute therapy to quickly minimize suffering. Common acute therapies include analgesics, dopamine antagonists, etc., however these agents may be effective in the short term, they do not prevent future attacks. Moreover, patients who experience frequent headaches are at increased risk of overusing acute headache medications. Another way is to use effective and long-lasting prevention using Botox.

According to Dr. Andy, Botox is not a cure but a challenge of managing the disabling primary headache which can mean a dramatic change in life-style.
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