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What is Cellulite Mesotherapy ?
Mesotherapy is a medical technique discovered in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor, a French physician. It is important to note that mesotherapy is not a new type of medicine but rather a new way to administrate drugs. The idea is to inject small quantities of medications into the dermis or hypodermis as close as possible to the site of affection to be treated, instead of taking large amounts orally. The technique was first used to treat such conditions as vascular diseases, sports traumatology, infectious diseases, rheumatology and the improvement of circulation. However, soon after its discovery, physicians started using the technique for aesthetic indications. Today, thousands of physicians around the world are using Mesotherapy on a daily basis for a variety of purposes, including overall weight loss, sport weight reduction, hair loss, scar revision, improvement of the quality & tonicity of the skin and the reduction of wrinkles. Dr. Andy’sMesotherapy Cocktail is a complete treatment for cellulite. The concomitant use of or mixing with other products is contraindicated. The cocktail works in four stages; namely,
The first step in efficiently treating cellulite consists in eliminating the excess water so as to reabsorb the edema and reduce swelling. The cocktail contains mannitol which has a diuretic effect. As a non-metabolizable carbohydrate, it is excreted via the renal glomeruli without being absorbed by the tubules. This necessarily results in the elimination of a certain amount of water.
Cellulite is frequently associated with circulation problems. The adipocytes, swollen by an excessive accumulation of fat exert pressure on the arterial, venous and lymphatic network which surround them. It is therefore essential to restore an efficient micro-circulation in order to re-establish the phenomena of tissue exchange (nutritional supply, excretion of waste substances, storage and release) which ensure good tissue function. Dr. Andy’sCocktail helps to increase blood flow and therefore to irrigate and oxygenate the tissue. It restores an efficient functional micro-circulation by opening the spasmed pre-capillary sphincters at the expence of the arteriovenous shunts.
Lipolysis follows subsequently through several very complex metabolic pathways which lead to the destruction of fats cells.
When efficient, the treatment of cellulite leads to a considerable decrease in the volume of fatty tissues. When fat has accumulated over a period of years, the distended connective tissues no longer possess the elasticity required for recovering its initial tone. By modifying both qualitatively and qualitatively, regeneration of connective tissue is being stimulated. In addition, it tends to form a tri-dimentional network, hence its values in structuring these tissues. Once regenerated and restructured, the connective tissue recovers its tone and elasticity.

Cellulite Mesotherapy is highly recommended for healthy and quick removal of localized fat. Together with Endermology, Dr. Andy offers the best and the most efficient treatment.
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