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Dr. Andy's Special Blood Test Panels
Dr. Andy's Special Blood Test Panels
The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2025, we will be a planet of 8 billion residents. At that time, the number of people age 65 and over will reach 800 million -equating to one of every ten persons. We will also enjoy an global- wide average life expectancy of 73 years. In order to avert the financially, socially, and medically burdensome task of caring for the swelling aged population, rapid adoption of safe and effective diagnostic and treatment processes that can improve the quality of life in these years is requisite. Information technologies can be innovated to support physicians and scientists engaged in proactive preventive healthcare. This achieves the establishment of probabilities for causes of death and disease, as well as elucidates the efficacy of drug, nutrient, and lifestyle protocols on the rate and process of human aging. With a globally aging population, the definition of personal health is shaped moreso by an individual's ability to perform daily activities, supplemented by themes of happiness and social and emotional well-being. To achieve quality of life, preventive health is, as a general practice, becoming a multi-disciplinary, cross-speciality mode of health care.

Dr. Andy's Special Blood Test Panels are basic assessments of an aging individual. Deviations from an expected normal set of values may indicate illness, predict the need for care, and evaluate treatment outcomes. Other specific diagnostic examinations like PET-Scan,CT, MRI, MRA are also available upon requests. Available blood tests at Dr. Andy’sClinic are the followings.
Categories of Dr. Andy's Specific Blood Tests
Basic Anti-Aging Panel
Blood Chemistries Profile
Lipids Profile
Hormone Profile (Basic)
Hormone Profile (Extended)
Cancer Screening
Vitamin Profile
Osteoporosis Profile (Basic)
Osteoporosis Profile (Advanced)
Sex Hormone Profile
Thyroid Hormone Profile
Cardiac Profile (Basic)
Cardiac Profile (Advanced)
Gastrointestinal Profile
Immune Profile (Basic)
Immune Profile (Advanced)
Brain Hormone Profile
Urinary Hormones
Metabolic Dysglycemia Profile
Glycation Profile
GH Axis Profile
Toxic/Essential/Organic Panel
Dr. Andy's Anti-Aging Pyramid
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