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Chemical Peeling
Weekend Peeling
If you want to feel great and look great, why not try a chemical peel? You have probably been reading about their benefit in many fashion magazines and wondered about the process.

At ドクターアンディーズクリニック, the process starts with a consultation. Dr. Andy will discuss the treatment process with you; explaining every detail. If you proceed, your first treatment and subsequent ones follow an easy format.

You will arrive, remove your makeup rest on a comfortable examining bed. Dr. Andy will disinfect the area with an alcohol swab. He will then choose an agent, whether it is AHA, BHA, TCA or AFA or many others. appropriate for your skin and your visit and apply it on your face. After three to five minutes, he will apply a neutralizer.

Then comes the relaxation period; you will be treated to a restful eye pack. Finally, the staff will give your face a massage and apply a UV block. You can reapply your makeup and will leave feeling great.

The chemical peel by Dr. Andy can treat any skin type--Asian, Causasian, Eurasian--even people with extremely fair skin can take advantage of this extremely effective skin treatment.

Dr. Andy also performs:
Only-Touch Peel, Easy Peel, Micro-Peel, Krulig Peel, Cosmopeel, Yellow Peel, Amelan, Exopeel, Mene & Moy Peel, Soft-Return Peel, etc.

No matter what your skin type is; Dr. Andy will formulate a multidisciplinary personal protocol for you that will meet your satisfaction. Dr. Andy travels extensively to Europe and North America for information on advanced rejunvenation therapy and advanced technology of preventive medicine.
Step 1: Face cleansing Step 2: Apply peeling agents
Step 3: Relax Step 4: Lymphatic massage
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