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Urine Essential and Toxic Elements
Urine Essential and Toxic Elements
Our environment is flooded with chemicals, which fill our water, air, food and ourselves. Toxic materials damage our water, trees and us. They accumulate in our cells and are causing a malfunction of our cells. Toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and tin have been indicated as etiologic factor on degenerative diseases of aging, such as osteoporoses, cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive impairment. Not only, but an imbalance in the level of essential elements, such as copper, manganese, and iron may affect our health. For example. high level of ferritin ( the best test used in order to measure iron levels ) is related with increased incidence of degenerative diseases of aging, such as cardiovascular diseases. Elevated levels of manganese may cause neurological disorders similar to Parkinson`s disease and low level of copper have been connected with increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases. Urine elements analysis is essential for the diagnosis of toxic element burden and for monitoring of the detoxification process.

The diagnosis of the presence of certain toxic elements such as mercury, lead and cadmium require a provocation test. A provocation test involves the collection of urine, following the administration of agents ( chelating agents ) able to mobilize the elements from the tissue. It means that certain elements will not come out of our body on their own, but only after using certain chelating agents. According to the results of the tests, the appropriate detoxification program will be developed in order to decrease the burden of toxic materials in out body, improve the balance of essential elements, improve our health, and decrease the risk of diseases. If you want to know more about chelation, call for Dr. Andy for an appointment.
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