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Brain Longevity
All of the followings are associated with Brain Longevity. Dr. Andy will discuss with you thoroughly and work out a program to meet your needs.

Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine
Physical exercise: impact of physical exercise on quality of life and longevity, optimal diets for sports, sports medicine, etc.
Diets for weight loss and weight gain. Also see Dr. Andy’sWeight-Loss & Cellulite Mesotherapy.
Nutritional intervention (prevention of senescence and diseases of aging by micronutrients as trace elements, other anti-oxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids).
Bioidentical Hormonal Augmentation Therapy with estrogens and progesterone, androgens in men and women, growth hormone and growth hormone secretagogues in adults, thyroid hormones, calcitonin, cortisol, aldosterone, pregnenolone, androstenedione、DHEA.
Treatment of sexual senescence in women.
Stress Management.
Physiology of organ aging (cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, haematological, digestive system, urological, locomotor and immune systems, the organs of the senses).
Chelation & Heavy Metal Detoxification- Dr. Andy uses DMPS(iv), DMPS Transdermal, EDTA (iv), EDTA Transdermal, and DMSA (oral), etc for chelation. Just to mention some physical and mental symptoms of intoxification by heavy minerals.
a. Mercury-Anorexia, Bad Temper, Brain damage, Depression, Discouragement, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Irritability, Lack concentration, Loss of self-control, Memory loss, Mood swings, Nervousness, Schizophrenia, Timidity.
b. Lead-Anger, Aggressiveness, Agorophobia, Alzheimer`s, Anxiety, Impaired Brain Function, Low Concentration, Confusion, Crying, Day Dreaming, Dependency, Depression, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, Frustration, hallucinations, Hyperactivity, Impulsive, Insomnia, Learning disability, Memory loss, Mental retardation, Restlessness.
c. Aluminium- Alzheimer`s disease, Dementia Dialactica, Mental Confusion, Poor Memory, Neuromuscular dysfunction, Osteoporosis, Parkinson`s disease, Skin dry, Stomach upset.
d. d. Cadmium-Hyperactivity in children, hypoglycemia, schizophrenia, sex drive reduced, Stubborn, migraine headaches
Environmental medicine (detection and treatment of environmental outdoor, indoor and food pollution, food allergy).
Blood & Urine Tests, Hair Analysis for toxic minerals.
BEAM-Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (P300, AVP, VEP, Spectral Analysis, Topography,etc) of Aging Brain. P300- P300 stands for a positive brain wave, generated during brain mapping, that occurs at 300 milliseconds ( about 1/3 of second to process information ) during an oddball paradigm during which an irregular series of beeps are heard. This can also be done through a visual or auditory stimulus. P300`s are low in individuals with narcolepsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD), schizophrenia, alcohol or cocaine abuse, or chronic depression from biochemical imbalance or even Alzheimer`s or Parkinson`s disease that can develop at any age. Low P300`s have been correlated to high risk for developing Alzheimer`s disease, as well as a high risk for depression, anxiety, and probably a host of other illnesses including cancer.
Mental attitudes that favour brain longevity and quality of life.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-Chronic fatique is the expression of symptoms caused by a failure to adapt to stress. Four or more of the followings symptoms must be presented concurrently for at least six months: Impaired memory or concentration, Sore throat, Tender cervical or axillary nodes, muscle pain, multijoint pain, new headaches, unrefreshing sleep, postexertion malaise.
Fibromyalgia- Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal pain syndrome associated with symptoms of stiffness, aching, disturbed sleep, depression, anxiety and fatique. Symptoms include at least 11 of 18 specific anatomical points. Stiffness, especially in the morning upon wakening. Sleep disturbance/insomnia, chronic aching, pain, anxiety, depression, chronic fatique, gastrointestinal disturbances, Irritable bowel syndrome, subjective soft tissue swelling, cardiovascular problems, muscle spasms, trigger points, etc,
The Yeast Syndrome- Yeast syndrome is not a disease, but rather a collection of symptoms that let you know you don`t feel healthy. You enter a state of chronic unwellness, marked by subtle metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia, functional hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, nutritional deficit and environmental toxin overload. These disorders, which manifest in immune system, present as multiple vague complaints that defy most standard medical classification. You may be a victim of the yeast syndrome if you suffer from: acne, allergies, anxiety, asthma, constipation, depression, diarrhea, earaches, fatique, headaches, infertility, lack of sex-drive, poor memory, muscle weakness, persistent cough, PMS, recurrent vaginitis, skin irritations, etc.
Smart Drugs, Neurotransmitters, New Medications and Functional Foods
Measurement of P300 ( Brain Speed and Brain Power ) at Pz and Cz.
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