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Dr. Andy 's Antioxidant, Antiglycosylation Cosmeceuticals
Dr. Andy's Antioxidant, Antiglycosylation Cosmeceuticals
'Dr. Andy's Miracle Cure Cosmeceuticals ' contain the answers to the secrets of anti-aging. Extensive tests of his latest medical technique are proving a storming success in reversing signs of aging by his latest antioxidant, antiglycosylation skinline.

The 'Miracle Cure' represents the culmination of years of research by Dr. Andy, a renowned plastic surgeon and Anti-Aging physician, who has dedicated his life investigating anti-aging and the effects of super topical antioxidants. In developing the cure Dr Andy worked closely in conjunction with scientists affiliated with the celebrated University of Toronto (UT). A fitting choice as it was UT, which discovered the famous `insulin`.

The Basics are eight creams and lotions products. The process is divided into morning and evening treatments beginning firstly with an 'Antioxidant Cleanser' used to supply the skin with a powerful combination of vitamins and herbs. A 'Toner Mist' then revitalizes skin by producing compatible combined antioxidants. The 'Morning Lotion' helps achieve a fresh, well-rested appearance any time of day through providing strong antioxidant vitamins containing glycolic acid and citric acid. During the day there is also a 'Moisturizer with Sunblock (SPF 30), which, once applied, will protect the skin from 95% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Then before bedtime, and after face cleansing through combining the cleanser and the toner, an 'Evening Emollient' consisting of more powerful antioxidants and retinols begins restoring the skin during sleep. After the Emollient, an evening 'Moisturizer' is then applied. Its advanced antioxidants and herbal ingredients , added moisturizing and antiglycosylation protection while toning and smoothing sagging skin.

As part of the essential treatment and of paramount importance to the whole process there are two Eye Creams which work in combination with each other to produce the effect of reducing lines around the sensitive eye areas.

First there is a 'Biotechnology Eye Cream' containing the active ingredient bio-polypeptide. Used twice a day in the morning and evening with the other creams this enhances anti-inflammatory effects, reducing puffiness and fine lines. After it is used a 'Magic Eye Cream' containing the active ingredients E3 /P4 (estrogen/progesterone) helps to boost collagen and elastin formation, increasing water retention within the skin and producing cellular rejuvenation. Its revitalizing power has been found to be much more superior than any DHEA formulas to date. E3/P4 has strong inhibitory effects on the destructive process of Tissue Necrotic Factors (TNF) and protects the skin`s delicate blood vessels. This is especially good for curing dark circles.

The success of the skinline lies in the technologies used in formulating the carefully chosen vitamin rich ingredients, herbs essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. Co Q 10, a universal vitamin that protects the mitochondria, the power house of the cell. Alpha Lipoic Acid works to protect DNA and visibly reverse skin aging caused by both UV and glycation damage. DMAE, a neurotransmitter as well as an important antioxidant and membrane stabilizer that helps to tighten the muscles on the molecular level. Vitamin E, a vital ingredient in helping heal damaged tissue and prevent scarring. Green Tea Extract, another super-antioxidant that is medically proven to improve microcirculations, and also helps to protect against cancer is also used, whilst Ascorbyl Palmitate assists in reversing fine lines and wrinkles on severely sun damaged skin by boosting collagen formation and repairing micro-scars. The skinline consists of over a hundred of other ingredients and these are just a few major ones. All the super antioxidants are formulated in such a way that they themselves are protecting each other from being oxidized, which is unlike most of the current over the counter products.

Dr. Andy stresses that individuals should also refer to his Anti-Aging Pyramid Program in order to achieve maximum results and must work from early on at improving their lifestyle including their nutrition and fitness as well as their stress management care, which all have an impact upon the flow of free radicals within the body.

With a combined approach using Dr. Andy's Miracle Cure Antioxidant Antiglycosylation Cosmeceuticals, Fotofacial ( IPL First), Microdermabrasion, Botox,Fillers, etc and a Personalized Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Program, Dr. Andy is proving that soon there will be no secrets to the anti-aging process, which has mystified man for so long.

To demonstrate his faith in his own techniques Dr. Andy himself have been using the 'Miracle Cure' since its development completed some time ago and with amazing effect. So if it is further proof you want book an appointment with a very youthful looking Dr. Andy and ask him his age. Dr. Andy continues his quest for newer technologies for slowing the aging clock and his latest work added 20 more sophisticated products to his skinline.
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