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Dr. Andy Wong
Andy Wong, MD, Ph.D. is a specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Advanced Anti-Aging Medicine/Surgery. He graduated from National Gifu University, School of Medicine, and after residency training, he joined National Gifu University Graduate School, where he did extensive research on Orthopedic Oncology and Immunogenetics, and was awarded PhD. On the clinical side, he worked as a traumatic surgeon and has outstanding experience in Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgeries and Microsurgery. He is fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese and German and speaks a little French. He attends major international Anti-Aging Conferences where he updates his clinical skills and knowledge more than six times a year to North America and Europe. His clinic is in Tokyo, Japan and his patients compare favorably, of Dr. Andy's treatments, to some of the finest available in the U.S. today.

Dr. Andy is also dedicated to humanitarian medical cares across the world. He has studied Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Japan, and was a recipient of the Japanese Rotary Foundation Yoneyama Scholarship and the Japanese Government Ministry of Education Scholarship for Foreign Researchers. He traveled extensively and trained with world famous surgeons in the U.S. and Europe, the art of Cosmetic & Advanced Rejuvenation Surgeries. He is also a member of several international and local professional associations as well as an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine, etc.
As an exceedingly qualified surgeon, Dr. Andy is always on the lookout for new techniques. He can offer a complete Anti-Aging Program-Dr. Andy Anti-Aging Pyramid Program. and perform Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeries, (i.e.: liposuction, mammoplasty, facelifts, and more). Dr. Andy can employ the best procedures available from his Advanced Rejuvenation Program and his Antioxidant & Antiglycosylation Cosmeceutical Skinline for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Andy has also developed a Tobacco Cessation Therapy.. " Smoking is highly Pro-Aging, it harms every cell in your body", according to Dr. Andy. Dr. Andy has also developed a treatment for Migraine and Neck Pain as part of his Stress Management Program. For Bariatric Medicine, Dr. Andy did extensive research on Weight-Loss & Cellulite Mesotherapy.

Dr. Andy's unlimited capabilities have brought him world-class acclaim. He takes great pride in applying his high standards and immaculate reputation of uncomplicated successes. Every procedure carries equal importance in his eyes, wherever it may fall on the scales of beautification.

"I enjoy the work because of its' nature. I enjoy being instrumental in improving a person's quality of life, whether performed at my clinical practice in Tokyo, or through my volunteer work overseas at refugee camps or field hospitals where people are injured from land mines and their needs are more basic and stark. I like doing my work and enjoy seeing smiles from the children. For the rest of my life, I shall continue my humanitarian work, as well my search for the quest for beauty.

"Through his devotion and exemplary efforts, Dr. Andy has been bestowed Rotary International's highest award, the Rotary Service Above Self Award.

Dr. Andy is constantly involved in humanitarian projects. Pictured here are just a few he has been involved with Volunteering recently. More activites can be viewed by visiting http://www.drandy.com/lifework.html in Japanese.

LEFT: Dr. Andy giving a polio vaccine dose to a small child in Bangladesh

CENTRE: Dr. Andy pointing to a banner where Polio vaccine was being distributed, and reporting on the progress to participating Rotarian leaders.

RIGHT: Dr. Andy with some of his happy patients in Ethiopia
"To be able to help people with my medical skills makes my life worth living. volunteer work is my life's work."--Dr. Andy
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